10 Vacations for History Buffs

There's something magical about standing on a patch of earth and knowing that what took place there sent shockwaves through time. Visiting a historical site makes it easier to imagine, easier to understand, easier to feel connected to the events of the past.

1 of 10 10. Place de la Bastille

Paris, France

The storming of the Bastille was the start of the French Revolution and a huge turning point in the history of democracy. The Bastille was a terrifying figure in French history—a political prison jampacked with dissident writers and disease-riddled vermin. Though it was largely inactive when the commoners took over, the symbolic victory spurred the revolutionaries onward. The ideas that spread in the wake of the revolution led to monarchies across Europe being replaced with republics, more or less creating the political landscape we know today. And you can stand in the spot where it all started.

(image via davehamster, CC)

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