10 Travel Experiences That Are Overrated

Traveling opens you up to incredible experiences, but there are also myths perpetuated by people trying to sound worldly, by travel writers who don't get around to actual travel as much as they probably should. Here are some commonly recommended travel experiences you should take off your bucket list before they disappoint you.

1 of 10 10. "Holding" the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I mean, yeah, you could, or you could spend your time in Italy wandering through wine country, or looking at the canals of Venice, or checking out all of the actual Roman ruins. Everyone has that photo. You could even Photoshop yourself and save on airfare. The only reason this might not be on the list is that it's more an obligation if you visit Pisa than anything else. Here's a better idea: take a big group photo of all the other people pretending to hold up the tower so that it looks like some sort of bizarre gang sign or cult greeting.

(image via bjcarter, CC)

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