10 Tourist Destinations that Aren't Worth Your Time

Sometimes tourist destinations can become too popular. With throngs of visitors, it's difficult to truly appreciate these overrated places during peak periods. Try these less crowded, but no less authentic, sites instead. You'll have time to explore at your own pace without unnecessarily traveling out of the way.

1 of 10 10. See the High Line...Not Times Square

New York City

Unless it's New Year's Eve, there's really no reason to hang out in Times Square. It's overcrowded, under constant construction, filled with mascots begging you to pay them for a picture, and lined with overpriced chain restaurants. For a more authentic NYC experience, visit the High Line in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. You'll actually get to experience some nature, and you can stop at a local eatery to grab some takeout for a picnic.

(images via Beyond My Ken, CC, and Terabass, CC)

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