10 Secret Attractions Only Locals Know About

Every major vacation destination has the "must see" list of typical touristy things to see and do. After that list is exhausted, or if you simply want to experience a more authentic excursion, try visiting these locations that you wouldn't normally find in a guide book.

10. Fuel City

Dallas, Texas

If you're on a road trip, you'll need to stop for gas and to clean off your windshield at some point. Pull over at Fuel City in Dallas, and you'll have stumbled onto not just the best tacos in the city, but the whole state. Even at night, the line for the taco stand can stretch well into the parking lot. During the day, you can eat at tables near the on-site ranch where you'll see camels, zebras, and even a white buffalo. Take a drive through the car wash, and you're on your way again.

(image via yo_kedrick)

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