10 Private Islands for Under $1 Million

If you think a private getaway is without of your reach, think again! These islands, all under $1 million, might not be the remote expanses you were hoping for, but how many of your friends can say they have their own private island? For the same price as a lake house, you could have a secluded beach all to yourself.

10. Small Island

(Wohoa Bay, Maine)
Price: $39,999

The cheapest island we could find isn't exactly an exotic paradise, but how many of your friends can say they own their own island. You won't even need a passport to get there or worry about foreign taxes since this small island lies off the rocky coast of Maine. Plus, it already has a gazebo. At high tide, however, the top of the island is only around the size of a large backyard.

(image via privateislandsonline.com)

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