10 People Who Accidentally Ended Up on the No-Fly List

The No-Fly List is kind of an unwieldy beast, and not exactly the precise instrument it's supposed to be. While the TSA makes a distinction between people who are accidentally on the list and people who draw "false positives," the finer points of that difference are lost on the people who miss their flights and deal with harassment due to these false positives. Here are some of the craziest.

1 of 10 Syed Adam Ahmed

Syed Adam Ahmed loves hockey more than anything, and his parents frequently take him to see the Montreal Candiens play. However, Syed's name shows up on a "high profile" list, which means frequent airport delays, despite the fact that Syed is 6 years old and is clearly not threatening anyone. The family was also stopped in Mexico four years ago and had their passports confiscated for half an hour, when Syed was just an infant.

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