10 Least Welcoming Countries in the World

A recent study by the World Economic Forum measured the openness of countries to foreign tourists and the tourism industry in general. Ranked from 1 to 140 (140 being the least welcoming), you might be surprised to learn that the United States appeared at a paltry #102 on the list. Here are 10 other countries the study found as incredibly unwelcoming to foreign visitors. 

1 of 10 10. Mongolia

Home of the notorious Genghis Khan may seem like an interesting place to visit but think again. Mongolia's reputation is still feeling the effects of its past communist government. The country's low rating stems mostly from the fact that its private tourism industry is a mere 20 years old. As the least densely populated nation on earth (only 3 people per square mile), it's no surprise the local population would be wary of a large influx of tourists.

A lot of guests visit Mongolia to experience the Naadam Festival. It’s a mix of pageantry, competition, and national celebration. The competitions involve events like archery, horse racing, and wrestling, but carried out in strict Mongolian fashion. During this time, Mongolians get incredibly competitive, and it can be tense for Americans. School-age jockeys urge their horses along a route that’s 17 miles long, and powerful wrestlers are at odds with each other after a ritual Eagle Dance.

(image via wandering_angel, CC)

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