10 Holiday Getaways Better Than Visiting Your In-Laws

As the holiday season fast approaches, family obligations rear their ugly head. As you stare down the possibility of putting up with your spouse's family, you might think you'd rather be in Hell. Well, that can be arranged—and you'll probably prefer it. Check out these ten literal Hells better than spending time with your in-laws.

10. Hell's Half Acre, Idaho

This lava plain is one of several basaltic lava fields on the Snake River Plain in Idaho. The landscape looks barren: a sharp, glassy wasteland of volcanic rock. But in the spring and summer, the plains burst into wildflowers. Antelope, bobcats, and foxes come out to roam among the Indian Paintbrush flowers, wild onions, and prickly pear cacti. Remember that sometimes no matter how damaged a landscape or relationship with your in-laws might look, there's always hope and life hidden away.

(image via Nick Varvel, CC)

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