20 Places No One Pronounces Correctly

People take pride in their place of origin, and feeling like someone doesn't care enough to bother learning the name of their hometown can feel like a slight. It's like if someone can't pronounce your name correctly. You take it personally because...well, it is. Now in an increasingly interconnected world, some previously unheard of names (particularly foreign ones) are making their way into the daily news. Here are 11 places that are consistently pronounced incorrectly!

1 of 20 Arkansas

It is often pronounced "are-Kansas". However, “ar-kan-saw” is its true pronunciation. The name is from a French butchery of a Siouan pronunciation used to describe the Quapaw. Kansas, on the other hand, is named after the Kansa tribe, who were most likely related to the Quapaw. That state retained its English naming and pronunciation. Therefore, the two states are pronounced differently.

While the names might have a similar origin, the two words do not derive from each other (contrary to a popular argument put forth by Kansas residents). After an argument between two of the state's senators on the proper pronunciation, the state general assembly passed a resolution in 1881 that officially codified the pronunciation and declaring the final "s" to be silent. Considering that the state was first organized as the "Territory of Arkansaw," it seems like a no-brainer. 

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