10 Museum Artifacts That Should Be Returned to Their Home Countries

Many valuable artifacts end up in foreign museums. Sometimes, the artifacts are kept for research purposes, while others are retained to show them at museums, which can be seen as a disrespectful measure. For this reason, some argue that these objects should be returned to their original home immediately. Here are 10 artifacts that should be at the top of the list for a return flight.

1 of 15 Sion Treasure

Currently In: United States
Belongs To: Turkey

Since 1968, Turkey has requested the return of dozens of pieces dubbed the “Sion Treasure.” These pieces consist of Byzantine silverware and other decorative objects were looted by a dealer in the 1960s from a burial ground. Now, the pieces are at a number of museums including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks Research Library.

Image via: Mic

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