10 Fictional Cities We Wish Existed

The real world is absolutely beautiful, and we're not judging that. Sometimes, we can't help ourselves when we long for the fantastical elements of a comic book or the small-town bliss of places that we'll never truly lay eyes on. We have pictures in our head, but seeing the real thing? It would be amazing. Here are 10 fictional places we wish we could see for ourselves!

1 of 10 Stars Hollow—The Gilmore Girls

Stars Hollow was a large part of what made Gilmore Girls so great. If you've ever lived in a town that small, you recognize the eccentric clan of locals. To someone that lives in a larger city, it seems like nothing would be better than going to the same coffee shop and seeing your friends by happenstance. In real life, neighbors like Babette and Morey would be frightening instead of lovable, the town meetings wouldn't be nearly as entertaining, and Jess would definitely be the biggest jerk of all time (and totally not the best boyfriend ever). But, in Stars Hollow, everything feels just as it should be and things are mostly perfect. Can't you see yourself sitting at Luke's? Don't forget to stop by Kim's Antiques to find the next awesome thing. 

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